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Making Worth a compelling destination

After the dislocation of the pandemic lockdown, the monks of Worth Abbey wanted to offer stepping stones for our many existing friends, as well as those who have never visited Worth, to reconnect with one another or to meet for the first time. We saw that Worth Abbey has the potential to be a focus for a lively community of friendships and a resource for discipleship that can draw many people together in their faith journey with Christ. During 2021, this idea was fleshed out and the structures put in place to welcome people into the Pilgrims network and to offer various events centred on the Worth site.

Our Vision: to see Worth established as a compelling destination, both physical and spiritual, for those journeying towards Christ.

Our Ambition: to build a friendship and information network, through a sense of welcome and hospitality. Hospitality is a founding Benedictine tradition and it is our aim to fulfil that ancient tradition in a very contemporary way, drawing more people to Worth Abbey where they can deepen their relationship with God.

Our Four Pillars: in partnership across the Pilgrims network, our witness to Christ will be characterised by the following:

  • we offer the Welcome characteristic of the western monastic tradition;
  • we lift our hearts in Worship both in public liturgy and personal prayer;
  • we share the Wisdom of the Catholic Benedictine tradition;
  • we Witness to the presence of Christ in our lives.

We do not expect there to be such thing as a ‘typical’ Pilgrim, but all will feel a connection with Worth Abbey. Members have already found their way to the network via a number of routes, including the Worth Parish, the retreat programme at Worth, the Wellspring Community in Brighton, the universities in Brighton, the Lay Community of St Benedict, our outreach work in East Brighton, the alumni society of Worth School and via word-of-mouth amongst parents of former and present Worth School pupils. 

The programme of events offered continues to broaden, reflecting the feedback and suggestion of Pilgrims, and we are excited about what we will be able to do in the years ahead given the growing number of Pilgrims who willingly bring their skills and interests to the cause.

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