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Worth Abbey Pilgrims, a friendship and information network centred at Worth

Please send us your details to receive regular updates about all our wonderful events and activities throughout the year.

Volunteers are always welcome and there is a wealth of ways to be involved with Pilgrims including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Helping to organise and run events. This can be anything from planning through to venue decorating, ushering, helping with parking and serving refreshments. This area is led by Christina Fitzsimons with leadership for particular events allocated on an event-by-event basis.
  • Helping to maintain the Worth gardens. This area is overseen by Fr Luke.
  • Enjoying music activities or joining the choir. This area is led by Edward Dean, Director or Music.
  • Photography – could you take those all-important images? This area is led by Kelly O’Hara, Executive Assistant to the Abbot.
  • Joining one of the committees. This area is led by Alda Andreotti.
  • Fundraising – would you like to organise an event or make a donation?
  • Not sure exactly where you might like to volunteer or have other ideas?

In the first instance, please contact Kelly O’Hara, Executive Assistant to the Abbot on 01342 710370 or at pilgrims@worth.org.uk. We appreciate your feedback and warmly welcome any offers to volunteer.

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